Saturday, May 30, 2009


from now on, aku coba utk serius berdiet.. lose weight.. i mean.. lose fat to be exact..
i give myself

6 weeks!!!

mun sik menjadi..g mampus!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Belajar Motosikal

Today is Wednesday.. im suppose to practice maneuvering a motorcycle.. but i didnt show up because im malas.. malas mok menghitamkan dirik tgh2 panas lebih2 lagi majlis konvokesyen is just around the corner.. fine.. good reason.. (padah jak nang malas)..

okla.. here's the main reason.. i am feeling a lil bit let down because of the titi part.. eeee suck-it nya ati when it comes to that part.. ive tried a few attempt (beribu2 kali adala) but i only succeed a few times.. its like 10:2... cukupla.. im kinda sick of failure already.. enuff with the soO many papers i failed this semester.. major turned off.

for the titi part.. u have to pass the titi for not less than 7 secs.. doesnt that sound easy? tp kenak aku x lepas2!.. i decide to take the JPJ test this forthcoming june 11th but since I am still so bodoh how could i take the test?


im not gonna fail this one!

guys.. pray for my success k.. so do I.. ill pray for you as well...


Inila dia titi itu.. jeles nya org ya boleh lepas dgn rileknya!

find the red spot.. haha.. helmet itu saya pakai.. BERBAU!

good enuff? lu pikir la sendreyyy...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tag: My Name is...

ok.. Ive been tagged.. by my 'rival'.. hoho.. bukan real rival taw.. kitorg men game ala2 'The BIGGEST Loser'.. kire perlawanan cara sihat la... hahahahah... It was her idea anyway.. well for me.. Bring It On!!!.. hahaha.. chill2 puan Kay.. la la la.. *hugz*

So, these are the things dat i need to do.. another assignment from pn Kay.. (reminded of the One day in a life of a project manager ones.. the directions were very precise n particular.. cool)

1. Upload the pic related to your it building name, street name, or even your handwriting written your name..
2 Post in your blog-how u get your name?
3. Tag at least 7 people.

now, here there are...

1. Upload the pic related to my name:

I simply googled 'tomo'.. n these pics popped out...

cute dough.. but the doggies are.. err..

tomo is not neccessarily a girl's name!

a restaurant..

again.. x abes2 psl makan.. =(

i guess no 88 suits it best.. hoh

and this??? NO!

what a heckkkk!!!! *goosebumped*

2. How did I get My name:

Everyone has been wondering, why Tomo?? me neither dont have d idea.. there were a multitude of versions about the origin of tomo's name..
i. My mak said dat when I was a child, i often said 'sumitomo' sempena nama salah satu bulldozer during dat time.
ii. on d other hand, my uncle used to call me tomoi just becoz of he had attracted to one tinju story from thailand.. huh??

whatever it is.. i like d name so much.. for me it sounds unique.. edeh.. for me la!

and in 90's.. what really pissed me off was when there was a band (typical kpg band.. no offence org kpg!) and the vocalist is TOMOK!!!!! uwaaaa.... since then, my fren always make fool of my name by calling me tomok.. ouh pls!! it's tomo.. i repeat TOMO (with no 'K'.. whoOps.. hahaha.. marah my lecturer ehh.. kidding).. tp xpa2.. the vocalist is even a millionaire now kan? hahahah.. bagus2..

3. Tag at least 7 people. (again pn. why 7? hoho..)

these are my choices.. amongst the bloggers laa...

1. Ashairi
2. Zulzahar
3. Mijie
4. Arriel
5. Nady
6. NN
7. s7upid

Saturday, May 23, 2009

World Harvest Festival 2009

Belom mandik.. just went back from Kampung Budaya Sarawak..

5 STARS!! the event was spectacular! great! awesome!.. damn.. no wonder why this event is one of the most awaited event besides Rainforest Music Festival.. People is like from everywhere!..

the musical play of 'Impang Impang' awed the audiences with such a world class performance... the stage was soO real mann.. they used real props e.g the ground, the longhouse and the play was set next to real river!... the audiences really enjoyed eventhough they had to sit on the ground.. that's fine as we can really feel the vibe of the panorama..

after the play was the Miss Fair & Lovely event.. Ok.. Quiet good then.. My Aunt GFF's anak got 2nd runner up.. pretty cool huh... boleh tumpang glamer sekaki.. the winner boleh tahan la lawa but honestly my aunty is the one who really deserves the crown more! whoOPs~

Sitok adala gambar sikit2.. dont expect high quality like DSLR (betol ka?).. i just use camera phone.. boleh la survive juak.. enjoy!

My Aunties and I *wink*

The Impang Impang Play

semasa acara F&F berlangsung

dan pemenang nya adalh... *drum roll*....ME!

the next Datin Diaries... perhaps?

My new friend!!! hoho

Camelia is Cool

I just went back from the market.. buying all those dapur stuffs.. and what makes me so happy today was my mak bapak brought me to kafe haji Salleh to eat Mee SAPI!.. mbekk mbekk..betol ka? waaa... ive been craving for mee sapi hj salleh*yeah it is one of the well known eating place in kuching. u shud try 2x* like since a week ago despite of fighting with myself not to eat, not to eat and eat and eat... hoh *soft voice*... back form market, i straight away took ablution and semayang.


oh i just remember that this evening i need to accompany my aunt to Kampung Budaya Sarawak to watch Miss Fair & Lovely. Darn! beauty pageant?.. no no NO!... i hate it when i have to dump myself in a boring situation in order to jaga hati org.. nah!.. for the sake of my aunt, xpala.. i cant imagine where i have to sit there and watch ladies in Ibanese costume giggling their butts gedik2 on the runway and pretending like the next Paris Hilton aka PRETENTIOUS BIMBO!... n what really suxes me when there is a Q&A session.. ouh.. i bet there will be 98% of them could not answer the so-called-world-peace questions... otherwise they could end up with safe and stereotype answer like "________________________" you might know the answer aite? ... so i have a back up plan.. I need to reload my long remain unattended phone and start texting my friends.. who is that 'lucky' friend? we'll see.. me neither dont have the idea..*wink*..

pergi sana pun sbb i got free ticket as my aunt is one of the VIP because her GFF's anak is participating in.. what a HUGE deal huh.. n apa kena mengena ngn aku? im an engineer okayyyy...

what do i have to wear huh? another problem.. dem.
(GOSIP: last night i went to my aunt's house and discovered there was a fancy and 'benin2' pink baju kurung hung on the wall.. mesti k nya gi sia.. adoiii.. silau2! shhh)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thumbs Up to Sophie Kinsella!

It is 30 mins past my bedtime.. I could not sleep.. Yes.. I'm fixated over the movie that i watched recently... oh how I loveeeeEEE Sophie's Confession of a Shopaholic. Love it.. LOVE IT!..

I knew about the book since my friend, Bear *u'd not believe dat dis guy introduced me the book becz his physic is sooO unlike it* excitingly introduced it to me 2 years back. At first, I was a little bit reluctant. Yeah, i hate readings.. if u give me any book, it might remain under my pillow for decades!.. due to his respect, nak jaga hati..I eventually brought back the book to kuching. STILL! I didn't read the book. one day, happenedly my mak saw the book. n without my consent, grr.. she brought and lay down and read the book... i guess she were utterly bored that time.

after a few mins, i heard her voice chimed, sounds a lil bit of complaint " buku apa tok..x best! pasal org shopping2 ajak".. *sigh*

and after a few secs.. she was LAUGHING OUT LOUD! eik?? tdk komplen sik bes..

long story short.. she wre stucked with the book n finally gave kudos to the book. mm.. pretty cool huh..

And early this year, i am mentioned that there will be a movie of COAS.. ouh.. sounded great!.. I must watch.. watch.. watch!!!... it features Isla Fisher.. sorry.. since I dont really watch TV.. so the name is unfamiliar to me.. Gosh!.. the movie is sanGat best!!!... 5 stars.. blink. blink. blink.. i went watching the movie with lee.. at first, i was a bit pesimistic since lee seems a guy that does not interested with this kind of pinky-stuff of movie.. I was wrong.. he loved it.. can u just imagine.. if he loves the movie, then ill love the movie 10000 times MORE!... ouh sgt best...

and fyi, just now was my 198498246245836245th of watching the movie.. i could even remember the dialog.. hoho.. when i get older.. i will tell my anak anak that this is my favourite movie after THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. just like what my mak said how she loves PRETTY WOMAN by Julia Roberts so much..

here is the plot synopsis of the stroy...

"Based on the books "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan" by Sophie Kinsella. Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is a 25 year old who lives with her best friend Suze (Krysten Ritter) in Suze's flat (paying her friend rent that is well below market value), in a trendy part of town. Rebecca has a very boring job writing for a financial magazine. She has a shopping addiction and her crap job doesn't pay enough. Her bills are piling up, so she tries cutting back (complete fiasco), then she tries making more money (another fiasco). Eventually, Becky discovers a story that she is truly invested in. Exposing the story gets the attention of a colleague that she hasn't quite figured out yet. Some drama ensues as she snags the guy, and she attempts to pay off her ever-growing debt. "

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Luck Hafiz AF7!

Tick tock tick tock..The clock is ticking languorously... waiting till d alarming moment.. from this second, it is 2 hours 37 mins and13 secs left to the Akademi Fantasia 7 Finals. Frankly, i could see this season of akademi fantasia is quiet interesting. i mean, i can say all those finalist have their own specialties. they are stylish, their musics are fresh, they have their own voice and style of singing. Personally, i find im more interested with Hafiz. I can say that im his silent fan (faham2 sendiri la). No offence to aril's, akim's yazid's as well as isma's fan. I love hafiz's vocal, his humbleness and his up bringing. Couldnt forget his remarkable performance when he sang Lagu Kita and lately, I believe I Can Fly. If I were there, I would honor him wit standing obviation. If I could fly, i fly!... hehe.. i think it's enuff here. To hafiz and his supportive family, GOOD LUCK!!!

btw, i guess everyone has their own choices. And this is mine;

2. Akim
3. Aril
4. Isma
5. Yazid

Let's everyone support hafiz!.. Peace.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sotong Goreng Spoiled My Day

hello u olz! whoops.. da cam azwan ali jerk.. h0h0..
btw.. i guess this is my 1st entry for my new blog. yes,. it's new outta so many blog that ive made n destroyed. dont get me wrong. i deleted my previous blog not becoz of i hv a new resolution (i bet this is a stereotype reason 4 bloggers that create new blog.. wtever). the main reason why i create a new blog is because i think that my previous blog's URL was not that practical or blogger-friendly ( it was it sounded complicated aite?.. so now i have new blog add and after cracking my head for a few mins.. i eventualy found my new blog add.. tada!


it resembles my two names which are amir + tomo = amitomo..

ok.. 4 this entry.. i start wit simple issue.. ever wondered why this entry entitled Sotong Goreng?
hoho.. ive just had my lunch wit my family.. went back from Jumaat prayer.. in my heart plays dum dum dum weary mantra saying "dont eat, dont eat, DONT EAT!!!".. it was a dugaan u know when u have to fight wit urself in order to avoid sumthing that u love. like me, i love eating mann..

n as soon as i reach home.. i asked myself dont go to dapur.. tp?.. tp?.. TP?... PERGI JUGAK!...
n u know what I saw???

SOTONG GORENG!!!!!!!!! oh geram nya saya ngn mak saya...

dahla BESAR!.. goreng kunyit plak tu! dan dan dan.. TELUR sotong tu terkeluar2... dem!


i stayed intact.. allowing the situation to make d decision.. my mind n heart couldnt rationalize.. they were suddenly 'bongok' n senyap as if membenarkan satan to influence me to spoil my diet..

ok... 1st thing happened..

my brother adie shouted "tomo! saya kaut nasi k?" i replied "ok" *soft voice*

grr.. geramnya.. why didnt he ask me either i want to eat or not instead of telling me he wanted to kaut nasi as if saya mmg plan nak majoh(makan)?.. *fyi, he knows im on diet*

2nd thing occured..

my mak said "waa.. sapa cubit telur sotong tok??" sarcasmly..grr.. *it was me!!! because the telur was so mouthwatering i couldnt resist!*...

my mak straight away called "TOMO! makan!".. eik.. bukan nya ka madah nya soh aku diet?!


suddenly i see myself in front of the nasi with my straight face.. pak mak tersenyum menyindir...

wahh... lepas tu.. adoii... muahh!! sedap.. wala!



esok masih ada <----- this is one of the reason why fat ppl failed to lose weight!

ngak pa2..
dah berlaku nak wat caner...

tgh2 makan.. my mum suddenly talked to my dad... " aku rs kita ptt beli weighing scale. we need to monitor tomo's weight" gulpp!.. my dad nodded. agreed.

n my mak said to me... "tomo, if u could lose 3kg, i give u RM50.. 3kg jak cukupla"...


is she sure of wht she said...

i took it negatively as i tot she tot that it is like impossible 4 me to lose ONLY 3kg!

ok ok..fine.. we'll see...

ok guys..

from this entry onwards.. we'll see if i could lose 3kg!.. ill fight 4 that RM50 sbb skunk pun i tgh broke.. huahauauha...

bye2.. love u olz..