Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sudah la Sudah

This morning I woke with a mixed feeling. I hardly found out what I should do next due to very the over-enjoy month!.. there a lot of things to do.. perhaps now I should put it in pause mode and start go back to have more discipline routine.. like what a student usually should behave.. what i usually do last sem... erm.. i even like that instead rather than like what i have been through for the past 1 month.. so i am gonna do that today..

wake up as early as 6.00 a.m -> subuh -> ngaji -> do the bed -> mandi while listening to itunes -> vocalised (vocal warm up to be exact! sustain the C2 key to C4 -> pergi kelas!

concentrate to lecture (even if it is inverse proportionate to the degree of boredom)

dudok minum2 with my supercool friends

lecture lecture lecture

petang: joging for an hour

maghrib and ngaji and isya

do assignments, more and more assignments..

tido as early as 12 so that i could get 6 hours of perfect rest!..

awh, i never take it as boring life though i even like it.. it could be lame but the sweetness you could only taste when the mid term break comes.. long rest long happiness and good grades! (:(:(: