Thursday, March 18, 2010

can i leave this blank?

mmm... my hand is actually trembling, i'm slightly shivering. i am not sure whether i should proceed this blogging thingy. mmm... there are reasons why i'm kind of hesitate errr mmm i'm totally LOST!

ok... 1st thing 1st.. so far.. I'm good.. really good. baru abis cover maths becos tomorrow i got maths test 2.. the topics covered quiet susah.. woooorrrrieed because i was doing a bit well for test 1, able to make the lecturer smile. now, i'm kinda worried that i would end up with frustration for this test 2. mmm.. inshaAllah and hopefully boleh lah! TOMO BOLEH! hehehe..edeh...

mm... the reason why i'm afraid of blogging lately is that i'm not sure whether telling my condition, what am i doing yada3 really a good idea. nowadays, i prefer to be introvert. i rather keep things to myself. sekarangg,, saya sudah tidak peduli cakap org lain.. i mean cakap2 yg berbaur negatif la (now suddenly my cousin kiky appears in my mind.)... i have one habit.. good habit i guess... i love to observe people behaviour.. (naaa,, i dont curik your words aaa.. it does happen to me too..haha!)... whenever people try to distract me, annoy me and sewaktu dgnnya, i will keep my mouth shut, listen and just watch their very funny behaviour... it is as if i'm watching raja lawak.. aih! raja lawak indah... the climax is when they realize that their distractions are not menjadi because i dont respond and stay intact...hahahahah.. afew secs afta dat, i simply chow with a grin in my face.. hoho... eff you!.. lam hati la.. ngehhh..

now i dont have to pretend to be somebody else, pretend that i'm happy of which sebenarnya i'm not, im comfortable with my current friends, they allow me to be myself... i can do whatever i like to do, tanpa ada mata mata yang menyibuk... hehhe... i really hope that im istiqomah this time.. edeh... errr..wait.. now i start to be really worried.. afta telling you all this stuffs.. will everything be the same afta this few secs?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa... nauzubillahhiminzalik.