Sunday, September 27, 2009


to whom it may concern. hah!

credit: kiky!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feel Good (realy good)

i love this feeling. love love love it.. i easily ignore when i dont like it. i dont easily feel disturbed if it pleases me.. no.. the only thing i'm afraid of is dat i easily make up my mind.. i aint dat firm yet.. solution for that.. i pray.

"Whatever you have in your mind - forget it; Whatever you have in your hand - give it; Whatever is to be your fate - face it" -Abu Sa'id

credit to:
someone on facebook!

bye bye complains.. hi A!

some lovely raya moments..

Friday, September 18, 2009


lap.. sapu.. ngemop.. ngemop dan ngemop lagi.. yala kerja kamek sehari2 tok.. mun hari raya jak, parents kamek nang dah kontrak kamek kerja ngemas umah luar.. tp puas hati.. dan tok kekepakan aka kepenatan.. dah hepi2 umah bersih.. kamek pun online la.. apa lagi.. update blog!.. n kamek ada browse gambar2 pompuan yg kamek ska.. so now i would like to share the women that i adore.. (rasa molah p.o presentaion bel jak!)

1. Camelia

nya tok nang dr kecik mek minat.. kin lamak kin stail..

2. Kate Moss

mun la dpt jumpa nya tok.. mok mintak sigek baju

3. Nicole Richie

hehe.. kin kurus makin ska!

4. Posh Spice

dr nya zaman gadis rempah dolok mek suka..

5. Emma Watson

miak kecik nok mature

that's all...

nak mandik..


Thursday, September 17, 2009


ive never feel like this eversince a year ago.. i've never feel happy going to the mall and actually see the mall... ive never enjoy having meal with my friends and actually speak to them.. ive never feel grateful to be here and actually treasure that i have a lovely family.. ive never smile like this.. and now it's pure..

as i arrived here in kuching.. ive been contemplating myself and i found out that i've contributed nothing.. null.. maybe my friend is right.. i currently don't have a goal.. when i flashback my diploma years.. i set to have very good grades every semesters.. and i've achieved that.. now, in degree years.. im so busy entertaining something that is not necessary for me.. i overthink it and it drives me to do something that is worthless..

now close eyes..

set a goal..


i always pray to God to show me the path (the good ones of course)... guiding me to achieving that is good for my life and future.. i believe in karma.. life has its own ups and downs.. and now i am undergoing my down year of which i need to find solutions to get up back and the solutions are actually the remedy of self development..

enuff with babbles..
i just have had a sungkey with kiky and yaya.. it was great!..
tomorrow i got to wake up early to help my mum to do the household chores..
oh i never feel this great!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yoyo feeling

yes..i am still battling with the darker identity of me. the one who tends to dig every old trashes that ive burried long time ago and it now begins to contaminate the whiter identity that ive worked so hard to establish it. n im sick of concealing the skull and pretending by telling ppl that my wardrobe contains a bunch of lilies where as a matter of i don't think i have to proceed with that..

pls dont get me wrong... i aint a villain yet not a pixie... for those who are close to me, they do know what i mean..if it happens i die early, don't bother to make an autobiography of me, don't even entertain those ppl who wanted to make tribute of me..edeh..rasa primadona sa!

btw, my progress =


75% calm n subtle
15% workhard towards my study
8% happy
2% of H6N6 (a dangerous virus mutated from a combination of human n seladang!)

i up till now couldn't discover vaccin for that ..

i should stop by now!!!!

otherwise ill go overboard babbling about seladang!