Saturday, October 30, 2010

My name is not Sunshine Corazon

This is a blog of a boy who prioritizes education in his life...

I really want to score all papers this semester. Despite of so many obstacles, sometimes I realize I should cherish this very moment as it is only less than half year left to graduation. I do not want to be regret for not striving my very best because the one that is fixed will be my transcript. Remain unalterable. Not fb(cliche), not my pimples, not even the karaoke microphone(hehe). Of course I want my transcript to have more than 90% As! At the time being, I need to be realistic that my first page of transcript will be effing horrible! C grade somehow irritates my eyes what more to say my heart honayy. The next page? disco superfly! weee.. inshaAllah. So, I want to cherish this moment by studying, memorizing and eating (aik?)...escapism.. hehe bye.

Pain is temporary, Glory is forever (:
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