Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I can say that this time i able to control my childish behavior compared to myself last year.

I have tried to minimize complaining and 'mengadu'ing small problems at my parents, my family, my friends.

I am 24 y.o so I shall learn how to make my own decision. I am a man, a man should know how to lead, and a leader must be brave in making decision.

Now I realized that, i have to meet a few wrong ones before i could find the right ones so that i could appreciate those right ones.

I'm in a process of finding the right job to do after i graduate. I need to make the right decision because I do not want to end up doing works that i do not like.

It is such a waste to have headache on matters that are out of my main goals as it could solely distract me away from the track to reaching my goal. So be focus!

I'm so thankful for what i have now but i don't deny to be hardworking because i believe that the 'process to' what i do is all that important matter. not the final result.

My weakness now is I hardly say NO to certain unnecessary 'item' or 'matter' or 'anything under the roof'. I will work on it.

Some ppl might not realize that there is some changes in me. It could be offensive for those who take it negatively, it could be something that should be proud for those who see it optimistically.

oh, i wanna post the pic of me during the dean's award ceremony. Not to show off, but it is more for future reference. Well, this pic explains a lot on the ups and downs that Ive been through.

surprise party from iman..thans man! haha


nady said...

lecturer ku suka madah, 'a man got to do what a man got to do'

ya jak tek. bai

Tomo said...

aku hanya mampu tersenyum kowh nady (:

SeOuL said...

tersenyum kebulatan... =P

Kiky Kirina Abdillah Zainie said...

A sign of wisdom is knowing when to shut up.

You're doin d right thing cuzzy.

Take care.

Tomo said...

you always have brilliant points kiky, that's one of the million things that i love about you...