Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another emo post

I have an unpleasant feeling now.. feelings of insecurity, anger.oh sucks.. yes i know that writing such post shows how lame am I.. it is not a manly thing to show weaknesses to the public but as a normal human being i do have feeling to take care of. i have this one weakness that i really don't like and i personally think that this kind of weakness is not necessary to me. i'm very fragile when it comes to a relationship. i might look friendly,but to be closed to me, to get to know my personal life is not that easy. Ok fullstop. that is not the core of the issue. the issue now is i have a behavior of getting freak out when i see my friends compromising with someone that i don't like. even if it only involves a small matter like borrowing eraser, ill be freaking out so badly.. what more if they talk posting comments on fb lepak in mamak!.. there you go, i'll create dramas and this world will be effing chaos...ahh.. sounds lame right?? and just now, the same situation happened. by the way, this time i stayed calm and in control. but my heart was like beating so rapidly i couldnt tolerate then i asked my friend "if you were me, will you show your jealousy to your another friend yada3..." and he simply replied "tak. aku x amik pusing pun.pergi mampos la".. oh, that easy huh? then i texted my female friend asking the same question and she replied almost the same! she said it is not worth me and my family at all so why should i care? betul jugak... my degree of freakness was slowly plummeting then... oh good.. good to have a friend who has a lil bit sense of denial... palak simple org s'wak madah... and now i'm posting this blog. rasa2 korunk I dah get rid of it ka belom? -.-


Aiman Ariffin said...

dont be hard on urself ay. really dont be. ure not the only one going thru this.

exactly what ure friends said. i know this is lame but "whatever" applies really well in that core issue of urs.

really. dont bother. ure way better than this tomo.

if i can, u can do it too!

Anonymous said...

NGEGEH! boh ktk lalek eh. bait x kmk?

Anonymous said...

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